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Welcome to

Worship House

We exist to gather worshipers together around Jesus. We want to create the first worship family open to everyone and anyone involved in worship anywhere around the world. 

We gather worship communities together for nights of worship where the focus is Jesus, and not what church or ministry you are a part of. We want to build a community where you’re not alone, a community where you are resourced, and a community that works together and not against each other and put an end to the competitive spirit around worship in our nation and the world and see Jesus be the focus of all we do.    

The Story

Philip Herndon, Founder of Worship House

I’ve been a worship pastor for 19 years. It’s been one of the greatest joys of my life to get to lead worship all over the world and see people fall more in love with Jesus getting captured and wrapped up in His presence. I’ve walked with countless young and old worship leaders and musicians to see them step into worship ministry and lead and walk out their destinies. As amazing as it has been, it honestly hasn’t been an easy journey. In fact I’ve faced more challenges than I ever thought possible. From death threats to financial burden, to losing people I thought were lifelong friends, it’s obvious to me that there is a spiritual war raging over worship.  

The problem is that most worship leaders and worship musicians around the nation feel alone and isolated and don’t have anyone who genuinely cares who will walk with them for no personal gain, just to see them step into their destinies. They feel like commodities only needed for what they can bring to someone else. Worship ministries are shrinking and teams are having to steal musicians from other teams if they think they are good enough. The worship industry has become cut throat and less and less authentic. I’ve talked to countless worship leaders and worship musicians around the nation who honestly don’t even know how to get connected to the worship movement (and they desperately need connection), they have no one to talk to and ask questions, and if they ever meet another worship leader or team member from another church they are viewed as an enemy. This has to change. As I’ve walked with this over the years I’ve realized that the real joy of worship ministry is creating a family, walking with the next generation and raising up musicians and leaders who can stand on our shoulders and go further than we could ever dream. The reason worship ministries aren’t growing is because they have turned their teams into how others can serve them, not how they can serve others. They’ve fostered and created competition where leaders and musicians are afraid of other peoples giftedness. People can always tell when they are being used. In our opinion, it’s time for all of this to change.  


In 2021 during the beginning of a 40 day fast at my church, I was crying out to God over the state of worship communities around the nation. I can still remember the moment like it was yesterday when I literally felt the breath of God on my ear and heard the audible word Worship House spoken right in my ear. I began to weep and was flooded with vision and an answer to the problem. Over the past year we’ve began to pray and cry out to God about what He was calling us to do. Worship House was born and we are believing the worship movement will never be the same.  

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